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Stiles, oh god, what are you doing, Stiles, STAHP.


I just sent off Chapter 7 of S.T.I.L.E.S to my beauteous beta. This is what happens when I’m on sick leave for more than a couple of days - I start getting ridiculously productive!

Depending on how the next chapter goes, it might be either the second-last one or the last! We’re on the home-stretch now, guys! Thanks for sticking with me for so long! 

(also going to start another Seed Wolf chapter today! SO BUSY)

Such science. Much learning. Wow.

SHMAZOW! I can do you one better, friend!

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My COTN Experience

So I finally managed to survive the weekend, or at least long enough to do a quick write-up about it.

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I’m back from COTN! Still doped up to the eyeballs with meds and antibiotics, I have a ton of homework to do, a test to take during lunch tomorrow and I came home today to find my car with a flat tyre. BUT as soon as I have everything sorted out I’ll do a write-up, because GOSH it was exciting and I have wonderful stuff to tell!

fpvs asked: "Will you be live-tweeting Creatures of the Night? Or do you know of anyone who will be live-tweeting/blogging at the con?"

I only just woke up now from my anaesthetic-and-antibiotic-fuelled nap, haha.

I’m not sure if anybody is live tweeting/blogging the con. I never use my twitter, but maybe I could do a text post on tumblr? Would something like that work? I’m just quite slow, that’s the problem, so I don’t know how much I’d miss.

ohmoriartea asked: "hey! hope youre excited for creatures of the night, i am so pumped! just wondering if you have a VIP ticket or a general one?"

Hi! I’ll be attending the Melbourne one, if you’re asking, and also I have a VIP ticket.

posted 2 weeks ago

I’m so upset right now. I was supposed to fly out this morning to Melbourne to see friends and get ready for the TW Creatures of the Night con, and instead my stupid body decided to give up on me and reward me with a super-painful tooth abscess.

Fortunately I bought a flight for later tonight (yay, red-eye! Boo goodbye money!) but right now I’m propped up in bed loaded up with painkillers and antibiotics with a face like a balloon, so attractive for the photos with the cast, yup.

I’m going to have a cry and then try to sleep. At least I’ll still be able to attend, I should count myself lucky!

I’m packing my bags to get ready for Creatures of the Night in Melbourne on Saturday! I’m so excited, hooray!! I can’t wait to give the little mini books to the actors (and get mine signed!).

Some of you mentioned that you also might be attending! Well, I’m bringing with me some mini prints and A3 posters to give away! If you find me (I’ll be wearing the golden triskele necklace on the right) and say hello to me and ask for a print, I’ll gladly give you a hug and whichever one you like! (I only have a few, though, so sorry if they run out!)

See you guys there!