Sheepgoat Stiles and Bunnywolf Derek! How cute are they! I really love this AU, everything is so adorable and fluffy!
Many thanks to statisticallymorelikely for letting me use the idea for this cute doodle. It makes me so happy and fluffy! ♥

Sheepgoat Stiles and Bunnywolf Derek! How cute are they! I really love this AU, everything is so adorable and fluffy!

Many thanks to statisticallymorelikely for letting me use the idea for this cute doodle. It makes me so happy and fluffy! ♥

Anonymous asked: "hi!! *waves shyly* i may be following you for a while now and i may be in love with your seed wolf and i also may suffer from withdrawal to the cuteness that is seed derek so could you, maybe, please, put me out of my misery and like tell me when/if you're planning part 7 soon? pretty please with a shitload of cherries on top *begging puppy eyes*"

Hiya, cute Nonnie! Thanks for following me and enjoying my artwork!

Seed Wolf is definitely going to continue! I won’t be able to give you a definite time when the next installment is going to come in, because I have end-of-year projects and classes that I have to work on for school and they’re taking up ALL my time! (today is literally my first day off in 3 weeks!) Sorry to not be helpful, but please rest assured that I am NOT dropping Seed Wolf!

Here’s a teensy picture of Seed Derek to tide you over in the meantime (in the next installment, they go clothes shopping!)

Anonymous asked: "Hey, just wanted to say that I love you so much and I can't wait for more of anything as long as it's yours!!!! Also, tell me S.T.I.L.E.S ends happily, please, pls, pls, pls pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw Seedwolf Derek is everything to me! Byyyyeeeeee :D"

Oh, Nonnie, have you not realized by now that I am a complete sucker for cute, schmoopy happy things? Of COURSE S.T.I.L.E.S is going to end happily! 

Also I’m a really ugly crier. Nobody wants to see it.


(as soon as school work eases up a bit, I’ll post another update!)

Anonymous asked: "I JUST LOVE YOUR WORK, ESPECIALLY THE SEED WOLF STUFF! Is Seed Wolf going to be a Sterek Bromance, or will there be a way for Stiles to become like Derek, or vice versa, so that they could be together?"

Dear Nonnie, the storyline for Seed Wolf is INCREDIBLY SUPER SECRET



But I do plan for it to become a Sterek thing, except don’t worry, there won’t be any creepy-gross ‘I’m in love with my pet’ thing because, just, no, ew.

BUT I PROMISE THERE WILL BE MORE as soon as my school assignments stop trying to murder me. Thank you for being so patient with it! ♥

Anonymous asked: "Hey, I've been following you for awhile now and I just have to say that I love your art. It is just so unique in style and your ability to block out the story is fabulous. You should be very proud of your work. Plus, you seem super sweet and I (platonic) love you."

Thank you, lovely Nonnie! Have a purely platonic kiss! ♥

Anonymous asked: "Derek falls asleep under the table after a long meeting at his law firm. Stiles makes dog jokes for months. Stiles falls asleep drooling on derek's chest and derek threatens scott with his eyebrows ans allison snaps a picture and and drags scott away"


"Did you find that precedent yet?" Derek asks, yawning a little as he opens the door to the boardroom. Most of the other associates have gone home already, but this is the kind of case that could make or break a career. He sets down the box of files he brought up from the library on the table, but he doesn’t see Stiles anywhere. 

"Stiles?" Derek asks cautiously, walking around the table, and that’s when he sees it: Stiles, face down in the midst of a pile of papers, files scattered everywhere around him, sleeping. Apparently he sleeps with his ass in the air, and Derek watches, transfixed for a moment as Stiles breathes in and out rhythmically, hips shaking slightly with every breath. 

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I’m a piece of poop who can’t colour…

Just a pissy rant on art theft, don’t mind me.

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Hi tumblr people,

Can someone please give me some advice on what to do when an artwork I did is reposted on another tumblr page? A kind person let me know my work was stolen and reposted, but in not sure on how I should go about fixing this. Do I send them a message? Do I contact someone about it? At a quick glance it appears that their entire tumblr is stolen and reposted art. Please let me know, if anybody out there has any idea! I’d really appreciate it!

rinahale asked: "Stop being shy woman! your seed wolf is CUTE AS FUCK and deserves COOING over - which I totally am doing cause it's cute as fuck and bitey and i wanna take him home, put him in my pocket and carry him around with me to have him bite at all the people that should be bitten by tiny, sharp little fangs - cute cute cute little fangs awwwww and the fluffy tail OMG!! i am melting into a puddle of mushy mushy goo and it's all because of you and your cute as fuck seed wolf <3"

Derek already has his mode of transportation sorted out. Stiles went and bought a shirt that has a specific front pocket that he can stick Derek into when they’re out walking. He even lined it with fabric interfacing to make it stiffer and better to sit in.

You just have to watch out that you don’t piss Derek off while he’s in there. Stiles made a joke once about his fluffy tail and it wasn’t received well. (Derek bit him on the nipple, and it really hurt) Now he knows better (or so he thinks)