Just a pissy rant on art theft, don’t mind me.

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Hi tumblr people,

Can someone please give me some advice on what to do when an artwork I did is reposted on another tumblr page? A kind person let me know my work was stolen and reposted, but in not sure on how I should go about fixing this. Do I send them a message? Do I contact someone about it? At a quick glance it appears that their entire tumblr is stolen and reposted art. Please let me know, if anybody out there has any idea! I’d really appreciate it!

rinahale asked: "Stop being shy woman! your seed wolf is CUTE AS FUCK and deserves COOING over - which I totally am doing cause it's cute as fuck and bitey and i wanna take him home, put him in my pocket and carry him around with me to have him bite at all the people that should be bitten by tiny, sharp little fangs - cute cute cute little fangs awwwww and the fluffy tail OMG!! i am melting into a puddle of mushy mushy goo and it's all because of you and your cute as fuck seed wolf <3"

Derek already has his mode of transportation sorted out. Stiles went and bought a shirt that has a specific front pocket that he can stick Derek into when they’re out walking. He even lined it with fabric interfacing to make it stiffer and better to sit in.

You just have to watch out that you don’t piss Derek off while he’s in there. Stiles made a joke once about his fluffy tail and it wasn’t received well. (Derek bit him on the nipple, and it really hurt) Now he knows better (or so he thinks)


notmyjeepyoucreep asked: "I am not sure what is more cute, you are your seed wolf series ! I am very grateful that you bring such joy and cuteness into the fandom ! I hope you will be here for ages to come, drawing or not, just with your wonderful presence."

OH MY GOSH. I’m sorry but it is everybody ELSE on Tumblr that is being the cute one and sending me lovely messages! (all I can do is answer them like a chump)

Thank you to you and to everybody that likes my silly art and lets me mess around with the TW gang in my AUs and Sterek pictures and fics! It’s great to be here and I hope I can stick around for as long as I can!

*embarrassingly helicopters away*

Anonymous asked: "Hello! Im glad you're continuing Seed Wolf, I really like it :) But dont feel pressured! School stuff comes first and also naps because those are important. And then will come some fluffy cuddles from ALL your fans. But I was hoping, maybe, if you have the time somewhere, I could maybe request a little Seed Peter doodle? Just a little one, to put on my nightstand :)"

Well darn, how can I say no to such a lovely request? Especially since I’ve got a few minutes before I go to sleep :)


Here you go, sweet Nonnie - Life-size, too, hehe! (his tail isn’t as bushy and floofy as Derek’s)

Anonymous asked: "u are the cutest little boop of sunshine and daisies and love okay you are the sun reincarnated and you are just such a beautiful person and if I ever get rich I am gonna buy everything from your store 100 times each ok it's like I must SHIELD YOU from the evils of this world, you are a precious ray of sunshine that must be protected at all costs ok omg i love you, you beautiful perfect human being ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"


seanconneraille asked: "Don't worry you did no mistake with your french words, "bâtard" is also bastard with the same meaning as the english word. It's just also the name of a certain type of bread which name makes me laugh too. I think cyrilcyrielle just wanted to tell you it was sort of like a duel between two breads or something like Lydia being attacked by a "bâtard" (the bread one, it's male in french) hits it with a baguette (female) so it's kind of a girl team against the bad guy (idk)"



THIS IS GREAT (it makes my jokes sound smarter than they actually are) THANK YOU FOR EXPANDING MY BRAIN! ♥♥



GUYS YOU’RE GONNA GIVE HIM A RIDICULOUSLY ENORMOUS EGO (to go with his ridiculously fluffy tail)

Anonymous asked: "Your lineart is always so crisp and clean and nice looking especially in your latest seed wolf update! How do you get it so great looking? (I.e. Do you have any tips?)"

Hello sweet Nonnie! Thank you for the thoughtful question!

The question about the brushes I use had been answered in this post already, but something HAS changed recently with my Seed Wolf comics! I found that using the Smooth Fine Inking brush wasn’t as nice, because on smaller images and with the size I worked on, you could see a lot of line pixellation, which makes me sad :(

I still use my custom brushes for my chibis and cute pictures, but for Seed Wolf now I use a standard Photoshop brush (tweaking the parameters just a touch). Oh, and I ensure that the tablet pressure is activated on PS and calibrated right on my Wacom.


I will say, however, that sometimes my brush strokes still come out wobbly and awful, especially if I’ve had a long day, or my wrist and arm are tired and can’t hold the pen right. I just make sure that I draw when I feel like it (or when I have an inspiration), and hope for the best, haha! Sometimes all I need is a nice bit of relaxing music or to not be tired, but if I try to draw and my lines are just coming out wrong non-stop, I try to take a break from it to recuperate a bit.

Of course, it always helps to have a rough sketch of what I’m doing first (except for the chibis, I just usually wing ‘em). I either sketch something real quick on paper (my preferred medium to line art) and transfer it onto a separate layer to draw over, otherwise I make a quick sketch on another layer in a different colour and use that as my guideline.

I’m a bit sleepy and so I think I answered your question a little funny, I’m sorry! Did you want something a little more specific on how I do my artwork? Please let me know if there’s anything I can answer for you!

cyrilcyrielle asked: "Hello! I just anted you to know that I LOVE your Lydia comic. Why? There is a panelwhere Lyds is in France and she's fighting a vampire with a baguette saying "Prends-ça bâtard" and... a bâtard is a special bread made only in Paris and that makes me laugh so much each time I read it ^^"


I did NOT know that! To be honest, I don’t know French, so I just typed my text into Google Translate and hope for the best. Fortunately, whenever I do try my hand at another language and get something wrong, I always have a lovely Tumblr user let me know my mistake so I can correct it! (thank you guys a lot for that!)

It’s so wonderful to learn something new!